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Gary Nature/Gary Poetry

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Gary Nature/Gary Poetry is the directorial debut of Colin Lenburg. Colin is a Columbia College film student from Chesterton who worked with Sam Love to document the Gary Nature Project in 2018. Blending these visuals with audio produced during the Gary Poetry Project in 2017, this short video shows residents' appreciation for art and nature in a city better known for heavy industry.

From the Calumet Lagoons to the Grand Calumet River, from Tolleston Park to Glen Park, across ancient beach ridges and the changing of seasons Gary Nature/Gary Poetry follows residents through a year in the natural areas of the city. Memories of winter hockey on frozen swales, spring tree plantings and group hikes through the dunes, summer bike rides to the park, fall colors in the black oak savannahs. The video is set to a soundtrack featuring music by Michael Rumas and driven by poems about Gary, collected from the archives and during the Gary Poetry Project.

Gary Nature/Gary Poetry was produced with the support of the Knight Fund at the Legacy Foundation. Gary Nature/Gary Poetry will have its big screen debut during the Midwest Waterways Film Festival in Lockport, Illinois at the Roxy Theatre on 22 August, 7pm. Buy tickets here.

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