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A Conversation with West Side Writers

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

The Calumet Heritage Partnership has posted my panel discussion with three west side contributors to The Gary Anthology from the 2020 Calumet Heritage Conference.

My thanks and love to the three superstar panelists (and my dear friends) Alva Krystal "The Gem Of Shaolin" Wilson, Terra "Poetry N'Motion" Cooks, and Kym Mazelle "The 1st Lady of House Music."

This fun discussion touched on topics like creative mentors, the influences and lessons taken from Gary, and how they've adjusted their creative practices to the realities of COVID-19. Krystal offers a testimonial to one of her mentors, the late Davina Stewart, a long time Gary west side resident whose creativity touched many lives here in Gary. Terra reminds us of the traces of wildlife still to be found in this part of town. And Kym remembers the political and community contributions of her father, who was recently honored by the city with an honorary street sign and memorial garden.

Be sure to check out the other recordings from the 2020 Calumet Heritage Conference. Great job to everyone involved with successfully bringing this conference online and thanks to Mario Longoni and David Klein for their help on the technical end.

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